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Surface Manufacturing CRC bid
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Surface Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (SMCRC) will grow SMEs by opening new global market opportunities through innovative surface technology. The R&D programmes will develop new process, product, services, enable life of type extension and sustainment activities. New surface manufacturing products, solutions and processes will provide cutting edge offerings unlocking the growth potential and opening new national and international opportunities.

Research Themes

SMCRC will deliver four main programs. The key R&D activities will form Program 1 - Surface Manufacturing, while the Business Assistance Programs will provide additional benefits in Defence Readiness (Program 2), Industry 5.0 and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) compliance (Program 3) and Test & Evaluation, Certification and Qualification (Program 4)

Program 1- Surface Manufacturing

The main R&D program of the SMCRC:
A. Mechanical, Chemical, Structural, Engineering.
B. Biomedical and bioengineered surfaces,
C. Electromagnetic and photonic surface,

D. Repair, re-use and remanufacture

Program 3 - Industry 5.0 and ESG Compliance

For products and processes to be internationally relevant (competitive) there is an increasing need to operate under ESG principles. Projects will be supported in developing an understanding and implementing an Industry 5.0 approach to achieve ESG principles. 

Program 2- Defence Readiness

Developing know-how, products or services for the defence industry is challenging, complex and has a high regulatory burden. The CRC will identify defence relevant project and integrate a defence readiness protocol for appropriate projects.  

Program 4 - Test & Evaluation, Certification and Qualification 

The wide-ranging capacity within the research partners’ facilities to undertake test and evaluation will be made available at reduced rates and access simplified through an online portal.  

Growing Existing Capability

The SMCRC builds on 5 years of research into surface engineering through the Industrial Transformation Training Centre (ITTC) – Surface Engineering for Advanced Materials (SEAM). This ARC-funded initiative has trained 26 PhDs and 6 Postdocs in industry-based research projects. It is now ready to transition those staff and students into translational projects with an expanded range of industry partners and research institutes. 

Innovative Technology Solutions for Your Business


Years ( 2025 - 2035)

70 M

Funding Target


Industry Partners


Research Partners


SMEs Targetted

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Surface Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (SMCRC) will grow SMEs by opening new global market opportunities through innovative surface technology.

Currently the bid for the SMCRC is under development and we are looking for expressions of interest from Industry and Academic institutions.

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