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Why Surface Manufacturing CRC

SMEs who collaborate are reported to grow faster, innovate more, experience higher turnover and are more resilient in adapting to challenges. However, SMEs face many barriers to collaboration; engaging with a CRC is a well-proven way of overcoming these barriers by creating new B2B and innovation opportunities.

Surface Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (SMCRC) will grow SMEs by opening new global market opportunities through innovative surface technology. This growth cannot be achieved by supplying bulk items to consumers. Gone are the days of fabricating and trying to sell just a hammer, just a knife or just a catheter tube. This will not work in today's competitive international market

Product Customisation

Product customisation is the biggest trend in today's market, aligning with customer needs and leading to differentiation and growth potential. An easy and efficient way to achieve this is via customising the surface of a product or material

This approach to the smart application of surface technology through R&D can be applied across many sectors – forming the core activities of the proposed CRC.

Due to its wide-ranging impact, the surface technology market is reported to grow to $500 Billion by 2030.5 Australia must invest in this area to grow SMEs, grow manufacturing and realise a large export potential.

Surface Technologies

The SMCRC will address this problem, it will selectively focus on businesses determined to transition from their current scale to larger enterprises. Unlocking growth potential through surface manufacturing and linking them with end users both nationally and internationally.

Surface technologies to growth via new process, product, services, enable life of type extension and sustainment activities. It can be said most products fail at their surface, it is critical to get this right. Surface technology underpins a vast part of our industrial economy and offers a large lever to pull when improving competitiveness or realising new global markets. In Addition, most surface technology results in improved sustainability and reduced environmental impact, aspects critically import for global consumers.

What is a CRC

The Cooperative Research Centre program is designed to provide funding for industry-led research collaborations. CRCs aim to improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries, foster high-quality research to solve industry-identified problems and encourage and facilitate small and medium enterprise participation in collaborative research.


With support for Industry 5.0 adoption, a defence readiness program and an extensive test and evaluation program the CRC will target companies and put them on a positive growth trajectory.

The impact of this CRC will cover multiple sectors, impacting defence, medical, mining and mineral processing, transportation, energy, and agriculture.  SMEs will position themselves as global leaders in innovation and market competitiveness.

Specifically, it will;

  • Identify and engage with SMEs who are / want to be on a growth path

  • Develop new products, processes, reuse and remanufacture capabilities based on surface technologies

  • Provide access to skilled people, cash and facilities

  • Link to R&D which can provide high-tech manufacturing support

  • Link to other SMEs, large firms, multinationals, defence & international partners to provide pull through and a ready and willing end-user

Bid Timeline

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